$12,000 luxury gwen stecani home for $12M in Port Angeles

The $12 million luxury genni stecini home in Port Washington is currently on the market for $13.9 million.

The two-bedroom, two-bathroom home features six bedrooms, two baths and four bathrooms.

A swimming pool, tennis court, gym, tennis, bowling alley and gym and a pool house are on the property.

The home is located at 1820 Port Washington Blvd.

near Port Angeles.

The listing says the home is “excellent” with its “vital attributes and finishes”.

Read moreThe home is listed on Realtor.com.

The listing says, “Exterior, Furnished: New, Hardwood Floors, Wood Floors in Use: Hardwood Flooring, Hard Wood Flooring Included, Hard Wall in Use, Interior, Hard Interior Wood Flooring in Use.”

The home has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and four baths, according to the listing.

It also has two fireplaces, three fireplace fans, a garage and a walk-in shower.

Read moreOn the listing, the home includes “Hardwood floors” which is a term for hardwood flooring that is hard and durable.

The house is described as having a “seamless finish” and “intimate space” that “remains intimate.”

The listing also says that the home “has a large pool and is surrounded by acres of natural areas.

The pool has a waterfall that flows over the front of the home, which is surrounded and protected by a wall.

There is a large outdoor kitchen with high ceiling and ample storage space.

The backyard has a large garden with landscaping.”

The listing also states that the house “is located in the heart of Port Washington, just minutes from the airport, downtown Port Angeles and many of the popular shopping areas.”

The house was previously listed for $11.6 million, but was later sold for $9.6.9.

Development Is Supported By

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