How the best luxury brands earn a premium on the road

How the world’s most popular brands are earning more than ever before on the roads of the world.

By Danika Rasky, Reuters|Medical News TodayMore than 90% of luxury vehicles on the market today are built by luxury brands, including the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, BMW Group, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz-Benz and Porsche.

But as the industry matures, it’s starting to see more and more brands taking on the luxury brands who built them, from luxury hotels to the luxury car industry itself.

To help get a sense of how the luxury industry is shaping up, the International Federation of the Car Owners’ Associations, or IFCA, is presenting the first annual ranking of luxury brand revenue.

The IFCA has compiled the top 50 luxury brands’ total revenues and earnings from the last five years, which was done using data from Thomson Reuters data.

The top 50 brands ranked from 1 to 100.

(See chart below)For the first time, the top 500 luxury brands now earn $1.5 trillion annually in total revenue, according to the IFCA.

And the top five luxury brands are collectively earning $2.7 trillion in total earnings, up from $1 trillion in 2011.

The five brands with the most revenue and total earnings in 2011 are:Mercedes-Benz (MS) and BMW (BMW Group)The top two Mercedes-Benzes earn a total of $1,966 billion in revenue.

The German automaker, which sold more than 50 million vehicles in 2011, makes up the third-largest luxury automaker in the world behind only the likes.

Mercedes Benz has grown rapidly in recent years, adding a number of new models and the introduction of new luxury vehicles like the new A3.

It also has its eye on new markets, including China, the U.K., and Brazil.BMW has grown in its luxury segment as it strives to maintain its position as a luxury brand, despite having struggled to stay relevant in the luxury segment for years.

The brand sold a total 26 million cars in 2011 and made $1 billion in profit.

BMW Group earned a total $2 billion in profits in 2011 but still remains the fourth-largest brand in the industry.

For luxury brands like BMW, the success of the luxury economy is partly a result of the industry being in transition.

Luxury cars are becoming more and less mainstream in the United States and other countries around the world, while older models are still popular.

That means that more and other luxury brands have to be creative in order to stay competitive in the new market, said Jeff Reichert, president of IFCA’s luxury car program.

The luxury brands that are still around, like Mercedes, are making money.

In 2011, Mercedes, BMW and Porsche combined to earn more than $4.2 billion from sales in the U, Canada and Germany.

But the luxury companies that have been around longer, like Audi, Audi S and Porsche, are not seeing the same kind of growth as they did a decade ago, Reichets said.

The list of the 50 luxury brand’s revenue figures can be seen in the table below.

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