‘A lot of pressure’ for Steelers to avoid ‘fiasco’ with Sutter

The Steelers need to avoid a similar disaster in 2018, but this is not the year.

The Steelers are expected to be a Super Bowl contender in 2018 and beyond, but the question is whether or not that means going into the season with a player who is not on the team’s final 53-man roster.

The answer is a resounding yes.

If you want to make the playoffs, you must have at least one starter in place for the playoffs.

If not, you need to bring in someone to take his place.

It’s a big part of the formula for success in the NFL, and if the Steelers do not make the postseason, it will be the second time in the past three seasons that the franchise has had a player miss the postseason.

In the end, it’s up to the franchise to find a way to keep the core of their roster intact.

That’s a difficult balancing act.

One thing the Steelers know is that a lot of players are out there in the free-agent market.

That includes tight end Heath Miller, cornerback Davon House, defensive end Jason Worilds, wide receiver Antonio Brown, offensive tackle Matt Slauson, linebacker Troy Polamalu, and defensive tackle Cameron Heyward.

All of them would be a free agent, but they could all be re-signed by the Steelers.

The key is to make sure the roster remains healthy.

If a player has a problem and is not playing, it can only hurt the team.

There is a certain amount of confidence that a player is going to be able to play.

If it isn’t, then the team will likely lose that player.

The roster is not in a place to be overconfident.

The Pittsburgh Steelers need a quarterback who can get them into the playoffs this year, and the one who is on the roster will need to be reliable.

In order to find the quarterback, the Steelers will have to make a decision on the best available free agent.

If the Steelers can keep one of those players, they will be in a position to compete in the playoffs in 2018.

They need to keep their core intact and find the right player.

If they can’t, the team would have to do some serious damage in free agency to find an experienced quarterback in 2018 that can help the team in the postseason and beyond.

The latest Around The NFL Podcast reacts to the NFL’s suspension of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Darrelle Revis and their decision to cut the ties of former linebacker Anthony Barr.

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