How luxury hotel suites got away with murder

A luxury hotel suite is not a murder suspect.

A luxury hotel room in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, where a man fatally shot a pregnant woman and a 12-year-old boy, is not in a high crime neighborhood.

That’s according to a recent report from the city’s police watchdog, the Chicago Police Department.

The report, written by former Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, found that hotel suites were used as a venue to carry out multiple murders.

According to the report, the hotel was in the area of 15th and Wacker Drive, just off the Northwest Side, on March 18.

When the first victim, a pregnant mother of two, was shot, police officers in plainclothes with guns were patrolling the block, the report said.

After the woman and her daughter were killed, officers entered the apartment building and found the 12-years-old victim, who was bleeding from the head, the complaint said.

The 12-month-old child was not harmed.

During the shooting, the suspect fired several shots at officers, striking one in the head and another in the arm, the police report said, according to the Chicago Tribune.

At one point, police say, the man, who later died, took off running on foot.

One of the officers, who has since retired, was wounded.

He suffered a fractured skull and has been in stable condition, the Tribune reported.

In a statement to Fox News, McCarthy said he did not believe there was sufficient evidence to charge the hotel’s owner, a hotel manager named David E. Johnson.

Johnson is a member of the Metropolitan Hotel Association, a Chicago hotel lobby group, McCarthy told Fox News.

McCarthy’s report does not identify the suspect or any witnesses.

He did say that hotel managers “must be held accountable for what is known to be a terrible crime.”

Chicago police did not immediately respond to Fox’s request for comment.

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